Regular Check In

Online: We can start with a daily check-in for the week after birth & then reduce the frequency as you feel you need to.

How great would it be to have some regular support on tap, someone to answer your  questions without judgement, share resources to support you, be there as your point of contact, & simply listen if you need to sound off. Ok – I can’t wash up for you online or help hang out the washing, but I’ll be there for you in your corner when you need me. Online support from a doula may be something new, but it works really well & it’s a great option to chose if you need more emotional & informational support, while you have the practical tasks at home all sorted. Breastfeeding support also works surprisingly well online, something we’ve found out over the last year. Useful links, information & resources will also be saved in your own toolkit, so you’ll have easy access to them whenever you need them. No need to scribble down notes while we have our check in’s, leave that to me.