Postnatal Preparation

Online: 1-2-1 or Group Session

In person: 1-2-1 or Group Session (BS20 & surrounding)

We’re all familiar with preparing for the birth, but what happens after baby arrives? Let’s look at normal infant behaviour around feeding, sleep & more. We can work on a plan to discover your village of support & how you can best be supported along the way. We’ll look at your body, it’s recovery, & returning to exercise and work. Let’s make sure you’re prioritising your own wellbeing, in whatever way is best for you. These sessions are focused on you, helping you to discover your support network, answering those early postnatal questions about yourself & your baby, & creating you a toolkit of resourses which you can refer to when you need it.

These sessions can be delivered either before or after your baby arrives, & tailored to your stage. Can be one concise session, or delivered over two sessions.