Postnatal Doula

Online: can still work really well, except I can’t help with the washing up

In person: Within 45 minutes drive of BS20

You’re holding your new baby in your arms & you know that all they need is you. While you’re caring for them, it’s a great time to have a little extra support for you. A postnatal doula can be there to support you with whatever you need, to help you feel happier & feel supported. While you might feel better to have someone take on the household tasks, while you’re feeding, cuddling & bonding with your new baby, someone else may need support getting used to their new role, support with early newborn care & understanding what’s normal. You may like some support with infant feeding, or someone to be alongside you to help you feel more confident & be your own personal Google (without the risk of getting outdated & incorrect information). Support in those early days & weeks can help you get off to the very best start, & set the scene for a more confident parenting journey.