Breastfeeding Preparation

Online: 1-2-1 or Group Session

In person: 1-2-1 or Group Session (BS20 & surrounding)

Breastfeeding little humans is the biological norm, so it should be the easiest thing in the world, right? Well, in the setting of a supportive family, community & a more traditional society, there’s an inbuilt confidence to begin with, & an effective support network in place when there is a hiccup. In our modern society it’s common to feel a little doubt & lack of confidence in our abilities, so let’s fill that gap in knowledge, find your village of support & begin your breastfeeding journey with confidence & a toolkit of resources. A great session for 1st timers or those approaching their next breastfeeding journey. If you’d like a partner or supporter to join the session with you, just ask. It’s often really helpful to have those around you know a little more, & feel more prepared to support you too.