Introducing Solids – Where to find advice you can trust

Introducing little ones to solid foods is a really exciting stage. It’s a very popular topic of conversation with other parents at our favourite baby & toddler groups each week, & everyone has plenty to say on the subject. Unfortunately we’re currently missing out on those face to face conversations with our friends. Health Visitor clinics & workshops may also be on pause right now, so where do you go to find advice you can trust? I’ve gathered together a selection of trusted sources of information for you here, to help you get prepared for this next stage, or to help you along the way if you’ve already started.

Before you go any further, sit down & watch this great little video. It’s produced by Dr Amy Brown along with Walsall Health Visiting Service. You’ll be introduced to some great tips, some myth busting & reassurance. It’s a fantastic starting point & also something you might like to share with your partner or family, so they can learn about it too.

your Health Visitor and GP

Your Health Visitor & GP are your 1st port of call if you have any health concerns about your child. Even in these strange times when routine clinics & checks may not be taking place, you are still welcome to contact your health professional if you need any advice on introducing solids or questions which arise along the way.

NHS Start 4 Life

The NHS Start 4 Life online resource is always up to date & available for you.

It can be confusing knowing when and how to start introducing solid foods. We’re here to guide you through the weaning journey and explain what it all means. We’ve got expert NHS advice, helpful videos, tips from other parents, and lots of simple, healthy weaning recipe and meal ideas.

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