Bottle Feeding Support

Online: support by video call

In person: support available in BS20 & surrounding

While breastfeeding seems to take the top spot in being more complex & needing more support than bottle feeding, there are still many things going on when using a bottle for feeding your little one. Maybe you’re expressing breastmilk exclusively for your little one, figuring out how to combination feed both breastmilk & formula milk or feeding formula milk exclusively. You could be bottle feeding your little one by choice or necessity, & the reasons behind every situation are often even more complex & emotive. For whatever reason you’re using a bottle for feeding, it’s really important to reach out & get support when you need it. Common concerns include equipment hygiene, preparation of formula milk, choosing formula milk, storage of breastmilk & how to make bottle feeding more responsive. If you need support with any aspect of bottle feeding, I’m here to help.