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Supporting your Postnatal Journey

It's time to ditch the doubt and confusion

Equip yourself with evidence-based knowledge, responsive parenting tools & tailored support along the way.

It’s time to feel empowered & ready to enjoy a positive postnatal journey.

As a Lactation Consultant (IBCLC) & Postnatal Doula it’s my passion to help you prepare for life after your baby is born, & to support you during those early months or even years with your little one.

While some families are looking for regular support in their home after baby is born, many families are looking for something a little different.

If you find you’re facing a problem you need some additional support with, then a one-off consultation may be all you need to help you problem solve an infant feeding or early parenting concern.

Regular check-in calls are also a great way to feel supported & to know someone is just a call away ready to listen & guide you through whatever is happening for you on the day.

As things like returning to work, your breastfeeding journey, mental health matters & unsettled baby concerns can occur at any time, I’ll support you whenever you need me, as there’s no postnatal time limit.

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Pregnancy Support and Postnatal Preparation

One-off consultations, workshops or a tailored package.
While you’re pregnant it’s the perfect time for a workshop on preparing to breastfeed. Spending time to discover your village of support before your baby arrives is also a huge advantage.  Whatever specific topic you’d like to explore, we can do it together. Each pregnancy is special & you are at the start of your own unique journey, so tailored support just for you & your individual needs is how we work together to help you feel prepared & relaxed about the exciting times to come.

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Postnatal Support 

One-off consultations or a Postnatal Doula package.

You may have one area you need additional support with, or you’d prefer a regular package of support, we can work out whatever suits you. Breastfeeding support, gentle sleep support, unsettled baby concerns & introducing solid foods are popular topics, but the postnatal journey is complex & having the right support for you & your family at the right time, can make a huge difference. I’ll be your guide as you gain in confidence & feel empowered in your new role.

Regular Check-ins

Let’s catch up by phone or on Zoom to talk about whatever’s going on for you. You could use these check-ins for breastfeeding support, questions about sleep, to ask about what’s normal, if you’re feeling unsure or if you simply need someone to listen.  All the information & links shared will be put into your own Check-In Toolkit so you don’t have to spend time scribbling down notes. We can check in weekly, daily or whatever suits you. It’s a great way to get questions answered more quickly, reduce time spent worrying about things, & feel supported & empowered.

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